Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hey don't you know that we're off to see the world?

“Life is like a windshield, it ain’t no rearview mirror, the only way to get where you’re goin’ is to find that higher gear… life’s gonna run you over if you don’t get goin’!” –Garth Brooks

Because there are so many different pictures I want to put on this I decided that I'd do it in segments. The first is our trip to England...the first stop on the European adventure.

While in England we stopped in the Globe Theater to watch a Shakespearean play. Midsummer's Night Dream... Although this is not the authentic building, it is an exact replica of it and is built in the exact same place as the old one! It was so neat to get to see the performers act on such a small stage so well. The musicians that accompanied used the same type of instruments as back then, and there was even a man that had an amazing falsetto voice. There were all the different types of seating. On the floor of the building there was the standing room. It looked like it would've been fun to stand down there for maybe 10 min...we were happy we snagged some sitting seats on the second floor. But the people down on the floor were fun to watch... :)
Good job Globe!

The actors would walk around on the floor around the people standing as well...pretty cool. None of them wore microphones, you could hear them all very well without.

This Globe was floating in the center of the theater...fitting, eh?

Our first experience of Fish-n-Chips in a Pub. SOOOOOOOOOO yummy! I ate mine in half the time of the others...

The guards didn't like us that much...I know because one told me he'd beat me up if I got any's a long story but when when they say "mind the arches" that means, don't come any closer to the arches they are walking by!

Everyone drives on the wrong side of the road! I almost got hit a couple times looking in the wrong direction while trying to cross the street. The worst was when I went jogging out on my own and I didn’t have a sister (Julia most of the time) to grab my shoulder and scold me for not being cautious enough while crossing these treacherous roads. Luckily there are reminders for which way to look when crossing the bigger streets.

Nellie and Julia can't read English...poor little things, good thing I was there!

My first Tube experience! I think I fell asleep every time I sat down on there. For some reason the phrase, "Mind the gap" is on repeat in my head...

Big Ben! I tried syncing my watch to His time...

I found myself trying to mimic the accents of the particular country I was in. My English accent isn’t quite so good. Some phrases that seem to be engrained into my head are: “Mind the gap”, “I can’t be bothered”, “Rubbish”, and a couple other silly ones. It seems as if whenever I tried to blend in with the locals, Julia, Nellie, and Mary would disappear or pretend to not know me...

We tended to like to sit in front of the major rivers in the cities we visited to rest for periods of time. That was time for photo-ops, random games, and cool conversations. Good times girls!

Every time we'd go to a palace these three would start fantasizing how they'd decorate THEIR castle, what THEIR gardens would look like, and which prince they'd have to marry to get in on this...

We were kind of crazy on our first day after being couped up in the airplane for SO long! So yes, we did some silly things....

Overall feelings of England: It was a little cold AND rainy, but that made us appreciate the museums that much more :). The modern Museum of Art was fabulous, we also stepped in the Portrait Gallery...also very very cool. The castles were awesome and the parks- amazing! I went out in the morning to go for a long run from our friend's house outside of the city a little bit and found myself in this HUGE park/forest trail. It was amazing! Miles of trees, hills and dales :), knolls, rabbits...tons of rabbits... England is a beautiful country. The park I was in had a couple horse barns outside where I imagine they'd go riding around in the area I was jogging in. I missed my Daisy-Mae then, it would have been so much fun to go riding in there, OR jumping! next time!


Wilson Family said...

I am so jealous!!! Looks like you girls had a lot of fun! I love the pictures.

But so what... We went to Ohio this past weekend! ;)

Hailie said...

Ha ha ha!!! For some reason when I look at those pictures of England I feel like you are visiting my home town or something. I am glad you got to see a lot of stuff while you were here! I am sad I missed you. Just a few things:

1. "Mind the Gap" When Andrew and I first got here we thought that was hilarious. Little did we know that everyone else does too, soon you start seeing things like "mind you head" or "mind the step" I'm like do you mean watch out? Because its the same thing.

2. I noticed when you guys were eating fish and chips, you all had whole peas on your plates. Bad choice, you should have gone with the mushy, they are so much better!

3. And the Aussies we live with think everything is rubbish here in England. It like how when people move out of California all they can talk about is how its soo much better than everywhere else. Except this time its Australia. And Australia is so much better, and everything else is rubbish.

Looks like you had a fun time! I am happy for you all!

Mary said...

Notice how that one sword dude didn't move an inch between the two pictures? Even though they were like 5 minutes apart?

he scared me...haha..