Thursday, July 31, 2008

Out back in Otto!

This last weekend we decided to head up to Otto, Wyoming to participate in Burlington's famous Pioneer Day celebrations! Of course the instant we got there we were greeted with the welcoming committee of Page, Saide, and Wes by pegging us with water balloons while perched in spots surrounding the entrance to the Neves' home. Day one of our adventure we went horsebackriding around the the back parts of the house, I got to ride one of our "darn Morgans" as grandpa Neves likes to call them. Later that afternoon when Whit, Jenna, and Jordan showed up we decided to take the first-timers out to Trapper! For those of you who haven't been, getting TO Trapper is 70% of the fun. 45 min drive in the back of Uncle Jay's pick-up truck and then a treacherous hike down a cliff for a little over a mile, over the raging river, and then warding off rattlesnakes and man-eating grasshoppers. Yes, one grasshopper tried to eat off my hand while I was catching it for bait.

It was in the back of this truck that I chipped my front tooth back when I was a young'in looking for arrowheads.
Taubi and Jordan's plethora of fish.

Our little fish, Ernesto. He did taste really really good.
My not so white gloves that helped save my hands from shredding down the mountain.

Steph vs. Mountain: mountain-1, steph-0 :(
More love in the back of the truck, Ninny and his lovely soon-to-be-wifey, Jenna.
The crew AFTER our Trapper adventure

We rode horses in the Pioneer day Parade! I WAS on the back of Pippi with Brett but after a slight tumble I landed on my feet, no worries, Brett was fine and he saved his ice cream sandwich too. Pig.

I was especially good at Catching rocks while fishing...and the other pic is just another glimpse of what we hiked down...

All in all I'd have to say it was a fun trip! We also participated in the town's local dance, ate sloppy joes at the town picnic, played and got 2nd in the community volleyball tournament, and managed to not die the whole time! Good times always are had with the Neves crew!!!



Oh, poor Ernesto :) Your trip looks so fun! I'm not too surprised you managed to injure yourself again...what ever are we going to do with you :)

Brett Zobell said...

Are you sure you didn't cut yourself with a razor blade? I'm starting to worry.

Becky said...

oh this looks so fun!

...the adventures you have!

i love the pix with you and buffalo in the back of the truck!

Becky said...

okay, maybe it wasn't a truck...but some wood thing and cooler are in it.

Ry and Britt Devine said...

MY LITTLE WEINER PATROL are you????? It has been way too long and I found your blog through Emily's :) HIT ME UP. Who knows if you even check this thing?