Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If chipmunks can have adventures, so can I!

Last weekend Julia and I were out at Walmart trying to find a tv to replace our currently dying placed in our living room when we happened to run across The Chipmunk Adventure dvd!!!! Ok, happened isn't the right word, we were searching the piles of cheap old dvds that sell for $4.99 desperately trying to find this gem of a movie. And yes, I've been to the store a couple other times only to return unsuccessful so you'll have to imagine the excitement Julia and I experienced that beautiful night!

I don't know how many of you have actually experienced this brilliant show of wit and humor displayed in this 1987 cartoon where Alvin, Simon, and Theodore compete against their rivals, the Chippettes, in a race around the world. Both groups set off on their adventure on hot air balloons and race to all corners of the earth dropping off character dolls of themselves, which in fact were filled with diamonds and $$ (unbeknown to our young adventurers), to various pit stops along their way. The clever tricks they play on their babysitter (my personal favorite character in the whole movie, Miss Miller), songs they sing, stunts they perform, and places they visit all add up to one heck of a movie!

My dream in life is to have an adventure like theirs! Travel the world, RACING! Two things I'd have to say that I love doing! Put a competition or a dare at the end of anything and I'll probably be sure to be game to do whatever...



Wow, you make that movie sound AWESOME!!!! and oh wait...I have indeed seen this feature film and it was AWESOME!!!! I'm really glad our failed attempt to Walmart did not end your search. No bloody toe nails tonight, thank you :) I await your reply on my blog...ha, ha, ha.

Julia said...

I so would race you around the world! "[I] am very rich and very bored..."
I am the girl of rock and roll!